Did you know…?

Every year, millions of pieces of Legos are washed into our oceans and buried into landfills, polluting our ecosystem. Meanwhile, millions of children can’t even afford to own or play a set of Lego.

Our goal is to bridge this gap, reduce waste, and build environmental awareness for the long run.


It lasts forever (it doesn’t break!).

It can be repeatedly washed and sterilized.

It is universally loved, across time and culture.

It is a hazard to our environment (if disposed of)

It is educational and inspirational.

It doesn’t require use of energy.

Who do we collect from?

Work with schools to organize Charity drives.

Set up collection boxes/bins in local communities, stores, lobbies, and offices

Promote via Internet (official/partner websites) and Social media channels.
(FB., Youtube, Twitter, IG, LINE, etc).

  • Rural schools

  • Children’s homes

  • Children’s charity organizations

  • Our Lego classrooms
    Lego summer camps

From 2023

Our Achievements

recyled over

81500 pieces

of lego

recycled usage equivalent to
a car producing over

52975 km

of CO2 emission

recycled amount is equivalent to
carbon emission captured by

103 newly planted



We need your help!

Donate legos or run local donation drives

Design lego manuals / videos

Teach and play lego with kids in group

Run educational events and Lego summer camps

Help collect, sort, or distribute

Donate funding

Simply spread the words!

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